We Build Communities

When Habitat goes into a community, we stay for the long haul. We believe in holistic interventions that not only build physical structures, but also help restore livelihoods, provide better health, economic and educational opportunities, and transform lives.

Through this holistic approach to development, Habitat helps empower whole families to transform their lives by building better communities. Empowered communities help transform a city, a province, even a nation.

  • Multipurpose Centers: These buildings serve as function halls for community meetings, social gatherings, trainings and livelihood exhibitions.

  • Educational facilities: Habitat also builds school buildings, classrooms, libraries and day care centres for children in its assisted communities to have a comfortable place to study and play.

  • Health facilities: Habitat believes that a community is only as healthy as its residents. This is why we also construct community health centers and clinics, and in some larger-scale projects, hospitals.

  • Water and Sanitation: Water and proper sanitation is an essential need in every community. Habitat partners with both the public and private sector to construct water and sanitation facilities such as storage tanks and filtration systems in the areas we serve.

  • Community Development: Habitat also partners with other organizations to build, not just structures, but lives, by giving families work and livelihood opportunities; and by training them to be more productive members of the community they live in.