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"Close to Php 13 million donated by Credit Suisse towards Typhoon Haiyan Relief"

In response to the disaster, Credit Suisse staff made donations to two local charities in the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

Manila – Credit Suisse staff have donated PHP 28,072,356 million towards Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. The total amount comprises employees’ contributions from local fundraising efforts, on-line donations globally as well as matching donations from the bank.

PHP 12,833,185 million has been donated to Habitat for Humanity and PHP 15,239,171 million to Gawad Kalinga.

Mr. Carl Bautista, Managing Director and Country Head Philippines for Credit Suisse said, “Credit Suisse is delighted to partner with Habitat for Humanity Philippines and Gawad Kalinga to support on-going relief and rebuilding efforts in the Philippines. The donations will be used to provide immediate emergency relief to victims of the typhoon in the short term and to help rebuilding efforts in the affected communities in the long term. As an organization, we stand closely with our staff in their outpouring of concern and support, and our donation matching is a small way of showing that we are here to run the extra mile with them.”

“Habitat brings communities together and brings hope," says CEO and Managing Director Charlie Ayco. "We can dream that everyone affected by this unfortunate calamity will have a decent place to live or we can start building that dream now. We are very fortunate that Credit Suisse and its employees have always been supportive of our cause” ends Ayco. Habitat's Re-Build program continuously helps build safe and decent houses. Habitat is also moving toward building sustainable communities and transforming lives through community development such as values formation programs in Habitat communities.

Mr. Tony Meloto, Founder and Chairman, Gawad Kalinga said,“ “After typhoon Yolanda, Credit Suisse is helping Filipinos turn despair to hope, tragedy to opportunity. Stronger homes will rise out of shanties; out of the slums, safer and productive communities will emerge. We thank Credit Suisse for joining Gawad Kalinga in recognizing the greatness of the Bayanihan spirit in ending poverty.”

Habitat for Humanity and Unionbank to build homes for Bohol earthquake stricken families
Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) and Unionbank has recently partnered for housing development in Bgy. Catagbacan, Loon, Bohol. The Php10 Million donated by UnionBank will benefit families stricken by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Bohol province in October.

HFHP CEO & Managing Director Charlie Ayco said, “Habitat brings communities together and bring hope. We can dream that everyone in Bohol has a decent place to live or we can start building that dream now,” says Ayco. “This is the biggest donation that Habitat has received for Bohol. We are very grateful that Bohol has not been forgotten in spite of the other disasters that have come after. Let us rebuild lives not only in Tacloban, Samar, Cebu, but let us not forget our kababayans in Zamboanga and Bohol.” ends Ayco.

The donation will enable to serve 70 families with core housing units made of bamboo and cement – a combination that Habitat developed and was first used in Cagayan de Oro. Another 100 families will benefit from the Shelter Repair Kits (SRK) to repair their partially damaged homes.

Unionbank Chariman and CEO Justo A. Ortiz is pleased to have Habitat as their partner for their CSR efforts. “We are so happy to have a partner that can make things happen”, he says.