Habitat Philippines accepted into UN-Habitat's 2017 World Urban Thinkers Campus Campaign

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — This January 2017, Habitat for Humanity Philippines was once again accepted, along with 44 other proposals from around the globe, into the World Urban Thinkers Campus (WUTC) to engage various stakeholders to look for solutions to urban development issues.

The World Urban Thinkers Campus (WUTC) was organized by UN-Habitat in 2014. It seeks to provide an avenue for idea exchanges between urban researchers, development professionals, local governments, grassroots organizations and other stakeholders to come up with resolutions and opportunities for positive urban transformation. The WUTC also sets its sights on identifying ways to implement the New Urban Agenda and agree on priority areas that need immediate addressing, ultimately paving the way for sustainable urban development.

This year, Habitat Philippines’ campus will be a series of forums with the theme “Housing at the Center” in three key cities across the country namely, Davao City in Mindanao, Cebu City in the Visayas, and Manila in the island of Luzon. The locations are considered the country’s three major metropolitan areas. The forums are part of the preliminary activities of the sixth Asia Pacific Housing Forum (APHF).

The three-key city forum is meant to sustain momentum from the last APHF by continuing the exchange of best practices and ideas between multiple stakeholders on how to address issues on housing, facilitate policy change, and to bring about lasting solutions to close the affordable housing gap.

“This is a great opportunity not only for Habitat, but also for our partners in development to come up with solutions and more support from the private and public sector to relieve our country of its housing woes,” said Charlie Ayco, Managing Director and CEO of Habitat Philippines.

“The country’s housing problems are deeply rooted in today’s society. We must bring to the table all these issues and arrive at the best possible solutions for each,” Ayco added.

Habitat Philippines is set to hold the three forums on April 27 to 28 in Davao, May 25 to 26 in Cebu, and June 29 to 30 in Manila.

This is the second time the organization was accepted into the WUTC. Habitat Philippines’ last campaign in June 2015 to February 2016 proved to be a huge succes, as it ran alongside 26 other global campaigns that engaged 7,847 individuals from 124 countries and 2,137 organizations representing various sectors of society.