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Alpa Land and BPI turnover homes in Mindoro

Recently, Habitat for Humanity Philippines in partnership with Alpa Land Inc., Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and the Reyes family of Pinamalayan, turned over 68 homes to local government employees, and 7 homes to public school teachers in Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro.

"As part of our BPI (Build-Promote-Improve) for Teachers Program, and with the valuable partnership of Habitat, we were able to build 99 of the 150 homes for public school teachers. More than providing decent housing, Habitat restores the dignity of the marginalized. Through Habitat, we hope to empower and support more teachers in the future as they are the true pillars of our educational system,” Faye Concuera, Executive Director of BPI Foundation said.

The homes were turned over in a simple ceremony to the Guadalupe community’s Home Owners’ Association with the local government officials of Pinamalayan.

Habitat is addressing the housing need in Mindoro where a big number of families live in sub-standard houses and shanties which are highly prone to damage, most especially when storms frequent the island.

“We believe in their cause and their efforts. We believe in the values that propel them to go where the greatest needs are. We stand with Habitat,” Al McWalter D. Lim, General Manager of Alpa Land said.

The Guadalupe Habitat community in Pinamalayan, Mindoro is set to undergo construction of more than 400 homes for families this April.

“We look forward to helping further more families in need, particularly in Mindoro. We are grateful to our generous partners who are building more sustainable Filipino communities, and transforming the lives of our fellow countrymen in need,” Charlie Ayco, Habitat Philippines’ Managing Director and CEO said.