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"Habitat for Humanity 5th Asia - Pacific Housing Forum"

In alignment with the main event of the 5th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum (APHF5) in Hong Kong, Habitat for Humanity Philippines will host a satellite event taking place on September 3-4, 2015 at The Manila Hotel.

The thrust of the event will strongly focus on advocacy for housing subsidy and put Habitat for Humanity’s mission into action of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope by engaging 500 participants from, but not limited to: local government units, agencies, private developers, financial institutions, technology providers, academe, and media.
Habitat for Humanity Philippines plans to raise a 360-degree awareness on housing accessibility issues under the theme ‘Building Impact’, following four tracks: Building Leadership, Impacting Communities, Building Markets, and Impacting Society. 

APHF5 Manila will be significant in acting as a springboard to; the Philippines: National Housing and Urban Development Summit 2016, supported by The World Bank; and Habitat III, the bi-decennial United Nations (UN) Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development.

Urban Thinkers Campus
The event will serve as an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) under UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign. Through this campaign, UN-Habitat, the human settlement arm of the UN, has invited developmental organizations from around the world to host an UTC of their own, a forum to advocate and engage society to put urban planning at the forefront of a city's agenda. Marrying APHF5 Manila with this campaign, the forum will set the agenda for Habitat III, which brings together the most crucial global stakeholders to discuss, debate and implement housing needs and laws around the world.

National Housing Summit
The forum will play a pivotal role in influencing the Joint Congressional Initiative of the Committee on Housing and Urban Development of the House of Representatives and the Senate Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Settlements, National Housing and Urban Development Summit in February 2016, by showcasing different ways the sectors can recommend and implement policy change and reform.

The current issue: Housing as a pivotal tool in eradicating poverty
The Philippines has a housing backlog of over four million families and as that number is increasing with population growth and calamities affecting the country, there is a great need for financial accessibility to decent housing. The growth in urban population is not being met in correlation to the housing demand, leaving a large section of society forced to live on or along unsanitary waterways and squatting in unsafe areas, such as the side of public roads and below bridges – this directly affects health, education and employment opportunities in a multifaceted way. Many of these families have a source of income and can afford socialized or below socialized housing, though it is currently not made accessible to them, therefore there is both a challenge and an opportunity for civil society, decision makers, academe and private corporations.

With this goal, Habitat for Humanity Philippines will work practically by targeting national housing goals and its vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Eliciting a holistic representation of the diverse voices of the nation, the forum will involve LGUs who are interested to pursue specific housing projects in their respective areas, private developers resourceful in land and funding, financial institutions to cater to the low to middle market, technology providers to showcase sustainable and affordable housing materials and designs, as well as representatives of the urban poor groups – acting as a marketplace to begin the process of project development.