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"Quantum X Boosts Habitat’s Online Voice"

Online solutions think-tank, Quantum X Inc., the developers of job placement sites:,, and, recently signed a 6-month partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) by donating an equivalent of almost P600,000 through free online ad placements on their websites.

“We are grateful for this partnership as it helps us to raise awareness for the needs of our less fortunate brothers and sisters,” said Charlie Ayco, Managing Director and CEO for HFHP.

During the signing, Quantum X employees took the opportunity of being part of Habitat’s mission of putting love into action by signing up for individual monthly giving. 

“We at Quantum X, believe it takes more than one entity to achieve our goals; and by partnering with Habitat Philippines, we are able to come together, narrow the gap, and help achieve the goal of helping out families in need,” Robert John Oh, General Manager of Quantum X Inc.Elaborated Quantum X Inc. said.

"This partnership with Habitat is founded for a common goal. And that is to help improve the quality of lives of Filipinos,” he concluded.