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"Chinoy TV inks 5-Year Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines"

Leading Filipino-Chinese lifestyle magazine show “Chinoy TV” signed a 5-year media partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP), a non- government organization focused on regular housing for lower-income families and disaster response.

This strategic partnership strengthens the organization’s ongoing “We Build” Campaign towards their “Vision 2020” – to provide homes for 15 million people across Asia-Pacific, and to further engage 10 million volunteers, advocates, and supporters to get involved in the initiative. This partnership also aims to strengthen relations and engage the Filipino- Chinese community in the Philippines in Habitat’s advocacy.

The move came as Chinoy TV President and Chief Executive Officer Alvin Kingson Tan decided to expand their show to include Filipinos and Chinese culture enthusiasts in the Philippines. “We are excited to support Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ advocacy as we believe that the Filipino-Chinese are looking for ways to cultivate their relationship with the Filipinos and give back to the community that has supported their various entrepreneurial endeavors,” he shared.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director Charlie Ayco presented a challenge to Chinoy TV in bridging the gap for socialized housing. “There are over 4 million families in the Philippines that have no access to adequate shelter and that number continues to rise with every calamity, natural or man-made, that hit the nation,” Ayco stated during their formal MOA signing ceremony. “We would like to propose a new business model to Filipino-Chinese businessmen through Chinoy TV. Our Filipino- Chinese brethren have a keen eye in spotting business opportunities and cultivating it into an empire. Habitat is already established and have the competencies to mediate and address housing for the marginalized. But that alone is not enough. Apart from each other, we cannot do it alone, but together we can. Together, let’s work hand-in-hand and use our voices to make this issue come to light. Together, let’s come up with solutions that can benefit our brothers and sisters in the long run,” Ayco further adds.

(L-R) Leonilo “Tots” Escalada, Chief Operating Officer for Habitat for Humanity Philippines; Mishelle Alberto, Account Executive for ChinoyTV; Alvin Kingson Tan, President & Chief Executive Officer for ChinoyTV; Charlie Ayco, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director for Habitat for Humanity Philipines; Yvonne Lih , Chief Marketing Officer for Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

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