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"Habitat Philippines Celebrates International Volunteer Day "

In the days leading up to the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that you have little to give in the way of gifts, but Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ (HFHP) volunteers, including actor and HFHP Ambassador, GMA star Alden Richards, proved otherwise last Saturday, 13 December, as he joined Habitat’s celebration with like-minded volunteers and Habitat home partners.

At Habitat’s Bistekville 1 site in Payatas, Quezon City, volunteers gathered in celebration of International Volunteers’ Day to make DIY parols from recycled materials and capped the event with a “boodle fight” lunch alongside home partners.

The event, originally planned to be held on December 6 was postponed due to Typhoon Hagupit (local name Ruby) making its way through the Philippines at that time…

But this did not deter the spirit of Habitat’s eager volunteers who made time to work alongside home partners in this festive season to decorate the Bistekville community and brighten their spirits in time for the holidays.
“We chose to share it…” Richards explained to fellow volunteers, “to our fellow men (and women) who are in need, to change lives and inspire people, to bring out the best in them.”

Richards asked his fellow volunteers to remember the importance of giving to others and urged them to always give where you can, saying, “Let’s change lives.”

Habitat for Humanity Philippines’ CEO and Managing Director, Charlie Ayco agreed. “That is the most important element to volunteerism. The priority is being an advocate for this (housing) cause, and using our channels and resources to create awareness about the issue.”

Mr. Ayco thanked the volunteers for giving their time, efforts and resources, and said the framework of HFHP relied on their actions which demonstrated togetherness for a common purpose, “‘to build homes, communities, and hope’ as our mission statement says.”

A simultaneous International Volunteer Day celebrations were likewise held by Habitat in Cagayan de Oro who also celebrated IVD by hosting a house build with volunteers from different government, private, and non-profit organizations and institutions.