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"Habitat launches Christmas Campaign with Renowned Artist Robert Alejandro"

Filipinos are known for their genuine warmth and generosity, and this has been articulately expressed by traditional gift-giving, as a token of thanks and appreciation. This practice has always been the norm during Yuletide season, as friends and family gather for reunions and parties, and the much-anticipated exchange of presents always follows suit.

hrough the years, this remarkable act of generosity is even extended to the less fortunate as Filipinos are known for keeping their less fortunate brethren in mind this festive season.

This year, Habitat for Humanity Philippines makes it extra special by teaming-up with renowned local artist Robert Alejandro by creating artistic but practical merchandise for the Habitat’s annual “Pamaskong Handog” campaign.

For every donation made through Habitat, each donor receives a limited-edition token featuring Robert Alejandro’s design. In return, Habitat for Humanity home partners and communities will also receive a special gift to make this season more memorable. Donors will be happy to know that even with just a P500.00 donation, the amount can already contribute greatly for the construction of sustainable and resilient homes for lower-income families.

Help spread the Yuletide cheer with Habitat for Humanity Philippines by lending your support in this year’s campaign!

To know more on how to avail of this limited-edition merchandise and help Habitat, visit or visit