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"A Gift from Above"

It’s the same every year. Most Filipinos feel a rush in the air as soon as the “-ber” months come. Christmas carols are heard on the radio, shoppers are in a mad rush to buy gifts earlier than December. This is how many of us celebrate and associate the Pinoy Christmas Season - buying presents.

But above all else, we must not forget the real essence of Christmas - as celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth into this world and thanking Him for the gift of love by the birth of His son.

We have interviewed Mrs. Elvie G. Pablo, a Habitat for Humanity Philippines home partner in FTI, Taguig City. She is a very caring mother of four and happily married to her hardworking husband. For Elvie, prior to living in Habitat’s community, every Christmas was just any other holiday – nothing special. There comes a time when they used to live as informal settlers near their new area. Not to mention the danger they felt whenever they hear gunshots during day and night and the neighbors involved in drug dealings that would intrude the house to hide from the police.

“Our past Christmas celebrations usually end up with neighbors and relatives drinking until midnight with drunken people fighting with each other and chasing people with a bolo (machete) when everyone’s mad drunk.” Elvie expressed.

She also described their previous house as – “made of light materials, the house hardly sufficed as protection from the elements and the lack of proper drainage didn't help, as the house constantly flooded when rains hit.”

They never had a memorable Christmas until they moved into their Habitat home, which they consider is a gift from above. She says, “Every time my husband goes to work every day just to provide for food on the table, I was always left alone to look after my children. I always comfort them with the thought of love every Christmas even if we don’t have anything. This thought didn't truly come to life until our family moved to our Habitat home.”

Give them a meaningful gift this Christmas today!

Today, Elvie and her whole family lives in a new home located in FTI, Taguig City provided by Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Not only does her family have a safe, secure, clean and decent place to live, there is a renewed sense of light and love is felt during the festive season.

“Now, our Christmas is very different. Even if we don’t have much food or gifts to give, the spirit of Christmas is present,” she expresses with a smile.

Elvie feels her family can now live out the true meaning of Christmas.

“Christmas is all about love. For me, love is a deep form of expressing yourself to your family and friends. Even if we can’t afford to give gifts this Christmas, we can still express our love for them,” Elvie happily shares.
Give love this Christmas Season. Show your love and be a blessing to the families in need of decent homes like the Pablo family.

Give them a meaningful gift this Christmas today!