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"PUP Shares Wealth of Knowledge to Habitat"

Seated from L-R: Engr. Carmelita Durias, Dean for PUP- College of Engineering Engr. Guillermo Bernabe, Managing Director & CEO for Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) Charlie Ayco, Volunteer Programs Head for HFHP Francis Macatulad

In a highly globalized world, shared and borrowed resources are common; but the recent partnership between the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) – College of Engineering and Habitat for Humanity Philippines, highlights the importance of original and uniquely Filipino concepts.

The partnership will focus on PUP’s staff and students volunteering their expertise and resources and how it can contribute to Habitat for Humanity’s ongoing housing rehabilitation efforts.

“The College of Engineering can provide Habitat a wealth of specialized knowledge and technical skills, which will be extremely beneficial to Habitat’s operations across the Philippines,” said Charlie Ayco, CEO and Managing Director of Habitat.


PUP has already spearheaded the partnership through community development work, and will be providing more technological, educational, employment, and values-based training and programs for Habitat’s home partner communities.

They also plan to assist Habitat with research, particularly in the fields of solar and renewable energy, green innovations towards sustainability, and quick response and disaster preparedness.

“I am really looking forward to this kind of partnership, as Habitat is in need of rich research and development to give our communities access to the academic world. We need this knowledge, as it will particularly allow us to tap the minds of our innovative and creative Filipino youth.” Ayco said.