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"Boholanos Raise Funds to Reconstruct Bohol"

Hundreds of Boholanos got together last August 24 in Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Quezon City for a fun run to support the construction of schools in the earthquake-hit province of Bohol. The fundraising marathon was made possible through the leadership of Tapok- Tapok Bol- Anon Inc, an organization of Boholanos based in Manila who are actively supporting humanitarian causes. The construction will be handled by Habitat for Humanity Philippines.

One can easily recall the events of October last year, as a magnitude 7.2 earthquake rocked parts of Bohol and the Central Visayas, destroying infrastructures and leaving hundreds of people dead. Just 3 weeks from the quake, the region was not spared from the path of the super Typhoon Yolanda (international name “Haiyan”) which sent some 40,000 Boholanos homeless. With these figures in mind, the Tapok- Tapok Bol- Anon Inc. saw the great need to partner with Habitat for Humanity Philippines to help their fellow Boholanos rise from the tragedy. 

“We are happy to partner with Tapok- Tapok in rebuilding Bohol,” states Managing Director and CEO for Habitat for Humanity Philippines Charlie Ayco. “More so because recovery does not happen overnight, long term goals needs constant support.” He further stresses the needs of these kinds of issues, like the families affected by previous typhoons Pablo and Sendong, have been overlooked because of other equally important issues in the nation.

Today, as the 1st year mark nears us, many families in Bohol remain homeless. In response to this need, Habitat aims to rebuild homes in 17 badly affected municipalities across the province providing decent, earthquake-resilient shelters to families still living in tents and make-shift houses.

All funds raised from the fun run will help fund the construction 2 school buildings in one of the worst hit barangays in Bohol. Tapok- Tapok Bol- Anon, Inc. hopes to help school children still holding their classes in tents and makeshift learning facilities.

Today, Habitat for Humanity Philippines aims to rebuild the hard-hit areas in the various Visayan islands. It has continued to raise funds and gather volunteers in its goal to rebuild homes in the 1,059 barangays of the 17 municipalities of Bohol. Habitat continues to seek the support of groups and individuals in building a better future for the Filipinos. To know more about Habitat and its programs, or to volunteer log on to