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"Social Media for Social Change"

There’s definitely more to social media than just posting selfies, and sharing throwbacks. And Habitat for Humanity proved just that during the height of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November.

When the typhoon hit, help was needed immediately. Thousands of families were devastated and there was no time to waste. With the urgency of the problem and the need to disseminate information fast, Habitat turned to social media for an answer.

In a few days word about Habitat’s Yolanda response was all over social media; bloggers, celebrities, and other willing individuals readily stepped-up to help spread the word and rally for donations. With millions in donations coming in, Habitat quickly went to work distributing emergency Shelter Repair Kits across affected areas. In the weeks and months that followed, social media support continued.

Habitat Goes Social

August 11, 2014— Habitat acknowledges the power of social media for social change. In its effort to maximize social media to help reach more people with its mission, Habitat is holding its first “Social Media Circle”, a gathering of bloggers and social media enthusiasts with a heart for social change; the event is also Habitat’s way of honoring its online supporters.

Habitat hopes to inspire these people to continue supporting Habitat’s work in their own way and through their own network of influence. With the undeniable power and vast reach of social media, Habitat is excited at the prospect of engaging more volunteers, donors, and advocates through this support group.

By signing Habitat’s Pledge of Commitment willing bloggers and guests were tagged “Habitat Online Champion” a title reserved for those who are up for the challenge and journey of using their influence and network to spread the word about Habitat, its programs, and advocacies.

Regular “Social Media Circle” gathering will be held to share news and updates with these Online Champions.